The specialized medical consultation of cardiology is the initial approach between the physician and the patient. It is an essential initial step that will allow to establish the cardiovascular condition of the person who comes to the consultation.

The medical consultation of cardiology is advisable to perform it on a regular basis in those people who have a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, and the frequency with which it should be performed, should be recommended by the attending physician according to the type and severity of the patient's illness. The specialized medical evaluation is also indicated in those people who present symptoms that suggest the presence of cardiovascular disease, such as chest pain, palpitations, difficulty breathing (at rest or with exercise), altered state of consciousness, muscle fatigue without reason clear and frequent headache among others. Likewise, people who do not have symptoms can also go to a cardiological consultation to perform a preventive check to establish their cardiovascular status, especially those over 45 years, especially if they have a cardiovascular risk factor such as smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, and family history of coronary heart disease at an early age.


In the initial consultation, the doctor will carry out a detailed questioning about the symptoms, history of personal and family illnesses, with special emphasis on detecting an important antecedent that can be considered as a cardiovascular risk factor. 

According to the symptoms that motivate the consultation, the findings to the interrogation and the findings in the physical examination, it will be indicated the need for additional diagnostic studies required in each case, which include from an electrocardiogram and blood analysis, to the performance of other special tests such as stress test, echocardiogram, continuous electrocardiographic monitoring (Holter), ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM), and even cardiac catheterization.

If you are an asymptomatic person, the initial visit will allow you to know the health situation in which it is located and will have a basically preventive nature. In those with cardiovascular disease, the nature of the consultation has a curative as well as preventive orientation, aimed at improving survival and quality of life.